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Dear Patients!

The process of using the GP Service for PTE employees and students registered in practice.

Appointments and registration are made by e-mail, in the case of Hungarian patients via the e-mail address, while appointment for foreign students can be booked on the website or via e-mail In case of a request for information, it is also possible to consult by phone at 06-72/507-523.

In all cases, an appointment is required to use the services. When booking an appointment, please consider the following instructions:

1. As arriving to an agreed appointment, the patient must present the necessary documents upon appearance, otherwise will not be accepted.

2. Transfer to the practice is also possible after consultation by e-mail.

3. A separate appointment is required for vaccination.

4. It is necessary to register immediately at the onset of illness, as we are unable to issue a certificate afterwards.

5. We are only able to issue a medical certificate for absence from classes/exams due to illness.

6. In the case of cash payment, it is necessary to prepare the exact amount, otherwise card payment is available to patients.


Phone number: 06-72/507-523

Opening hours: at weekdays 07:30-15:30 

Thank you for your understanding!